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 School Year

Thirty five (35) voice lessons are scheduled for thirty (30) minutes .

Lessons are schedule on the same day and at the same time each week.

Students participate in one studio recital in the winter and one solo recital in the spring.


In the summer months, four (4) voice lessons are scheduled for sixty (60) minutes each. 

Lessons are planned around your summer schedule to accommodate your summer vacations, camps, visitors and other summer fun!

Different days and times are available for students to choose from.

Students (parents) select the days and times that work for their summer schedule.


Private Voice Lessons at The Kathy Morgan Singing Studio are taught in a supportive, creative, and interactive environment. Students work one-on-one with Kathy Morgan in the studio. 

The goal is to help students find joy and creative expression and to integrate healthy singing technique that frees their true singing voice. Mrs. Morgan works to help each student:

  • Develop tone, breath control, intonation, emphasis, relaxation, and dynamics.
  • Improve breath support, placement, phrasing, interpretation, ear training, and performance skills.
  • Gain awareness of the physical tensions and habits that may hinder an individual voice, and develop the student’s physical, emotional, and technical capacity to sing freely.
  • Enhance each student’s enjoyment and confidence while singing.

Weekly lessons include vocal warm-ups and exercises focusing on singing technique which is applied to song literature. A student’s progress will be directly related to their practice time, and the application of technique and skills that are presented in their voice lessons. Students will have the opportunity to perform for family and other studio singers throughout the year. 


The fee for lessons is prorated into equal monthly tuition payments. 
 Please contact Mrs. Morgan for current rates. A student may begin or end at any point throughout the year and the first and last month fee will be adjusted as needed. Students will be scheduled for the following lessons and performances within a calendar year:

  • Thirty-five (35) thirty-minute private lessons (September-June)
  • Four (4) sixty-minute summer lessons planned around your summer schedule
  • One (1) Winter Recital Rehearsal
  • One (1) Winter Recital 
  • One (1) Solo Recital held at a private lesson in June 

Payment is due at or before the first lesson of each month. Monthly payments do not necessarily reflect the number of lessons held within the month. Some months have more lessons and some have less, but you are never charged for a lesson when this studio is scheduled to be closed.  This has been factored into your monthly prorated fee.


Late Payment Fee

  • There is a late fee of $20.00 for the first week payment is past due. There is an additional $10.00 late fee for each additional week payment or late fees are past due. Please include the late fee with your late payment. 

Recital Fee

  • A recital fee may be charged to cover recital costs for renting a recital hall, sound equipment and/or accompanist fees, and refreshments.

Book Fee

  • The teacher has the option of purchasing books for the student or having the student purchase books. The student pays for books purchased by the teacher.

Supply Fee

  • A one time fee of $35.00 is collected when a student joins the studio to cover the cost of consumable materials.

Missed Lessons and Make-up Lessons

Mrs. Morgan's time has been set aside for her students, and payment is required for all scheduled lessons whether the student attends or not.   

If a student is ill, or needs to miss a lesson for any other reason, the student may reschedule up to three voice lessons each school year. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed, but they are held as a courtesy each month on dates selected by the teacher.
Students may attend a make-up lesson prior to an upcoming lesson conflict, or they may choose to attend any make-up lesson that is held after they miss a lesson.​ 

Every attempt will be made to reschedule any lesson canceled by the teacher, or credit will be applied to the student’s account. 


The voice is an instrument that can be improved through regular application of healthy vocal technique and awareness. The voice is also an instrument of complex muscles which require regular exercise. Serious students and performers are constantly challenged with the work required to improve and maintain their voice, but the end result is singing that is free, enjoyable, and totally unique. 

Success as a singer will be determined by the effort a student puts into practicing. At each lesson, students will learn and review skills which should be applied when practicing. For the best progress, students should warm-up and practice five (5) days per week. This leaves one day for a voice lesson and one day to rest the voice. Students should set a goal for each practice period to measure their progress. 

It is not enough to learn a new song, a developing singer must practice and apply good singing technique to achieve real progress and success.


Please check the calendar page to view all scheduled closings. You are never charged for a lesson on a day the studio is scheduled to be closed. This has been factored into your monthly fee.

Snow days or other inclement weather:This studio will be open if roads are passable and weather permitting. Please come if you are comfortable driving. Otherwise, please notify Mrs. Morgan that you will not be coming, and she will schedule a make-up lesson for you. Make-up lessons will not be scheduled if roads are passable and students choose not to attend.

Extra Lessons

On occasion students ask to schedule an extra lesson to prepare for an upcoming audition. You are welcome to call and check for openings or cancellations. Every effort will be made to assist you.

Supply List

Students should bring the following to each lesson:

  1. A bag to carry music and practice CDs
  2. A pencil for marking music and taking notes
  3. A water bottle
  4. Singing books


Mrs. Morgan understands that circumstances change, and the time comes for each student to move on. A courtesy termination notice of one month is requested from each student to ensure that the student receives all of the scheduled lessons they have paid for. 

Without this notice, the student will forfeit any outstanding lessons that have been paid for with the prorated fee. If the prorated fee did not cover all of the scheduled lessons prior to the date of notification of termination, Mrs. Morgan will contact the student/parent with the balance, and the final payment will be due at the last lesson or within a week of the termination notice.